A Plea for Civility in Primary Election Politics

To preface, the Heart of Texas Young Republicans do not endorse in contested Republican Primaries.  The following is simply a statement on decorum and public decency amongst our own ranks:

All too often, during primary elections, we forget, at the end of the day, that we are all Republicans.  While mudslinging and “attack ads” are commonplace in primary elections, it is the degree and severity of them that are cause for concern.

In Williamson County we pride ourselves on our honor, integrity, and statesmanship.  We hold these values as citizens and expect our elected officials to embrace them as well; and they have, by far, met and exceeded that expectation.  However, in recent weeks, increasing hostility in the primary race for House District 20 has caught our attention.

The deceitful and callous tactics utilized by HD 20 candidate Terry Wilson do not have any place in Williamson County politics.  Use of those tactics makes post-primary reconciliations extremely difficult, and gives Democrats the upper hand in the general elections.  While it is a necessary evil in politics to refer to an opponents record, citizens deserve transparency with those records, not manipulation for ones personal gain.  This leads to a general sense of distrust and cynicism making younger voting generations disinclined to vote.

Despite our differences, we can all agree, that any Republican on his/her worst day is better then a Democrat on their best.  Primaries are a healthy tool to keep our candidates sharp and ensure we, as citizens, have the best representation.  However, they should not be used as a tool to belittle, damage, and slander one another.

Statistics show that the average Republican voter is over 55 years old, and aging every day.  We need to return to our roots, and earn the young generations vote with honesty and integrity, bring them into the party, and show them the value and benefits of strong conservative leaders.  This is done through building one another up, not tearing each other down.  As we approach election day on March 1st, please keep these values in mind as you go to the polls.


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